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History Of The Law Firm
Around 1920, the late Senator W.B. Alexander began practicing law here in the Cleveland/Boyle area of the Mississippi Delta. Shortly after the end of World War II and upon his return from that war, J.C. Feduccia joined W. B. Alexander in the practice of law and they formed the firm of Alexander and Feduccia.
In 1948, after his service in World War II and after graduating from the University of Mississippi School of Law, Senator Alexander's son, William B. Alexander, Jr., joined the firm and the firm became Alexander, Feduccia & Alexander.
State Senator W. B. Alexander died in 1960 and his son and partner, William B. Alexander, Jr., was appointed by the governor to fill out his father's unexpired term in the State Senate. Mr. Alexander, Jr., served, by election, for 24 years thereafter, serving 2 terms as President Pro Tempore of the Mississippi State Senate.
In 1956, Robert G. Johnston joined the firm as an associate. In 1971, J.C. Feduccia withdrew from the firm of Alexander, Fedducia & Alexander to assume the Circuit bench. Thereupon, then State Senator William B. Alexander, Jr., and Robert G. Johnston formed the firm of Alexander & Johnston.
W. Brooks Alexander, III, joined the law firm in 1976 and shortly thereafter the firm's name was changed to Alexander, Johnston & Alexander.
Alexander, Johnston & Alexander continued with the three attorneys, Wm. B. Alexander, Jr., Robert G. Johnston and W. Brooks Alexander, III, from 1976 until 1993 when W. Brooks Alexander, III, withdrew from the firm to enter upon the Baptist ministry in which endeavor he is still engaged.
Messers. Alexander and Johnston continued to practice under the firm name of Alexander, Johnston & Alexander, P.A., until the retirement of Mr. Alexander in 1997, when Robert G. Johnston continued the practice as a solo practitioner practicing under the firm name of Alexander, Johnston & Alexander, P.A.
On June 1, 2014, John Marshall Alexander, son of Wm. B. Alexander, Jr., and grandson of State Senator W. B. Alexander, joined the law firm after serving some 32 years as Assistant United States Attorney at Oxford, Mississippi, during which he was head of the criminal division and served 8 months as Interim United States Attorney.
Upon John Marshall Alexander's joining the firm, the firm purchased the practice of Edward A. Lueckenbach, Esq., a long time real property and title and loan closing attorney in Greenville, Mississippi. Mr. Alexander and the firm's 25 year paralegal, Deronda K. Livingston, are "holding the fort" in Greenville, while Mr. Johnston and the legal secretary, Karen Watson, manage and practice from the Cleveland office.
Over the years, the firm has closed at least 10,000 to 15,000 real property transactions ranging from the simplest of sales to multi-million dollar loans. Mr. Johnston, in the early 1990's was one of two attorneys in the entire State of Mississippi that was permitted to close loans that were to be sold by the originators to Prudential Insurance Company of America, meaning large farm loans.
In 1965 when Mr. Johnston joined the firm, the firm was agent for Title Insurance Corporation of St. Louis and had been agents for some period of time. Later Title Insurance Corporation of St. Louis was bought out by St. Paul Mercury and the firm continued to be agents for that company. At some point thereafter, First American Title bought out or succeeded to St. Paul Title Insurance Company and the firm continued as agents for First American. Later the firm became agent for Investors Title Insurance Company. The firm now is agent for Security title and Guaranty Corporation of Baltimore and has authority to write up to $1,000,000.00 in coverage.
It is anticipated that, with the purchase of the Mr. Lueckenbach practice in Greenville, Mississippi, the firm will close or certify titles on at least 6 separate transactions per week that is not less than one a day. It is anticipated that of these transactions 10 to 15 per month will require title insurance. In addition, the Cleveland office requires title insurance in approximately 2 loans per month.
Real property work is but a small part of the firm's practice. Each of the attorneys handles a gamut of legal work ranging from trials in the Federal Court to trials in all state courts.

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